Moving to a Modern Development Workflow

Lately I’ve been focused a lot on front-end technologies, while ignoring this nagging sensation in the back of my mind that I’m leaving something out. The products are getting better, but my process can be improved.

A modern development project needs a modern development work flow.

Normally I would fire up a local development environment (XAMP, Vagrant, Docker, etc.) and start coding. I test it on different devices and browsers, push my code to a Git repo, transfer the files to production, and call it a day.

Here’s where it starts to get fun.

GitLab has support for continuous integration and continuous delivery built in. This means I can create directions telling GitLab what to do after I push my code to the remote repo. In my case, I have two sets of directions: test and deploy.

That’s about it…

Write some code. Push code to the remote repository. Watch the tests pass. Check out the production site.

Full Stack @Revealbio | Author of Vuetensils & Particles CSS | Panelist @ViewsOnVue | Board Member @sandiegojs

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